C-Prompt Computers, LLC

Managed Service

As of January 1, 2024, we have expanded our Managed Service Packages. The Bronze Managed Service Package is designed for Residential customers, or businesses with no more than 3 computers. The Silver Managed Service Package is designed for Business customers, and contains significantly more features, especially around the area of computer vulnerability patches.

Bronze Managed Service

The terms of service for our Bronze Managed Service package can be found here: https://bit.ly/c-prompt-bronze. This package is very similar to our traditional Managed Service, and as customer subscriptions come due they will automatically be migrated to this new labeled service.

Silver Managed Service

The terms of service for our Silver Managed Service package can be found here: https://bit.ly/c-prompt-silver. This package is the migration of our Business Managed Service package, but adds back in our popular remote support of 30 minutes free per month, plus an expanded security emphasis, providing patches and updates for many more programs than our traditional package was able to offer.

Gold Managed Service (future addition)

There are many small businesses who would benefit from having an IT position for their business. Many times, however, this is cost prohibitive. Perhaps a full time position cannot be justified because of the size of the business. Or, the cost of a salary, plus benefits, and payroll taxes makes it more expensive.

Our Gold Managed Service package will be designed to address this need. When this launches, C-Prompt Computers will effectively become your in house IT support team. Much of the needed work will be able to be done remotely, but we will also come on site for the cost of our standard mileage charge. All service for existing computers will be included, as well as providing an even more enhanced security service by monitoring the network configuration and attacks at the router level.

If you are interested in having more information when this becomes available, please fill out the quick form below.