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AMEX Phishing Attempt

Here is a new attempt at “phishing” that I haven’t seen before. Notice in the image above that the scammer references the account BEGINNING with a certain set of numbers, as opposed to ENDING.

Many credit card companies have a common start to their numbers. For example, Visa cards start with a 4, while Mastercard starts with a 5. I believe Discover starts with a 6 (perhaps even 6011).

And American Express typically starts with a 37 or 34.

So in this email, the scammer is hoping you will see the “37” and say “Oh – this is about my card”, and then click the link to verify.

Please – be VERY careful about the links in emails that you click. There are a lot of good looking scams out there!

(Note – another obvious sign of the scam is the “Dear [[-User-]]”. Other signs are poorly constructed sentences or poor use of punctuation or capitalization.)